Taking the plunge

I must admit I was hesitant for a long time before starting this blog. I attribute my doubtfulness partly to me being a Libra and partly to the fear of not doing a perfect job. According to my perception and understanding of perfect of course. Meeting my own criteria about success has always been a number one priority and I hardly ever take into account other people’s opinions. Perfection is a funny word though and it always leaves you doubting yourself and your capabilities, and comparing yourself to others. I prefer the words courage and dedication as they bring change even if you make mistakes along the way.

Starting this blog I will do what many people are afraid to do and this is speaking their mind and stand behind the truth they know. It takes time to figure out how to express yourself so that you don’t sound egocentric, crazy or superficial. Especially in writing and when not using your native language. But what the heck, I will go for it. Only time will tell if I am talking to myself or if there is somebody at the other end, reading and listening 🙂

I have always been a sucker for quotes as I find a great wisdom is concentrated in just a couple of sentences. As this is the beginning of my journey as a blogger I particularly like this one from Lao-Tzu:

If you would take, you must first give, this is the beginning of intelligence.

It especially touches me as I believe everything in creation is based on cosmic laws. Karma being the one that rules our lives. I have always searched for inner balance, harmony and peace. Since I was a kid I am very intuitive and a God lover. Falling asleep every night I was asking the same question, “God why am I here”. I know the answer to this same question brought me through many challenges – physical, mental and emotional. At the end of the day I am thankful for all as I am learning so much and I can see the truth getting clearer and brighter. It all sounds like a lot of nonsense now but with every blog post I will share bit by bit the parts of the puzzle that I have figured out so far. May be these parts will bring clarity, understanding and sense to someone else out there and you will be able to keep putting together your own puzzles. This will make me extremely happy because let’s face it there is nothing else that can bring as much joy as knowing you have helped a fellow soul.

Please do not take the things I post about too seriously. I am just going to give my opinions on the topics I find important and interesting. I realize an opinion is a dime a dozen, but may be, just may be my point of view would make you see the world from another angle.

Well ok, it was not that difficult after all. My first blog will be born in the internet world soon. I have to say I am excited and I just wish it has a good life and experience in the virtual reality.

Writing this blog is a conscious choice I am making as I finally want to do the things my way and follow my passions!

Stay aware!

Ciao 4 now  ❤