Food fights

The ongoing quarrel about what a man should eat is so funny to me. I am for freedom of choice, live and let live. All the negativity surrounding this topic is only exhausting and far from constructive. Nobody wins because all sides are using fighting techniques deeply rooted in beliefs which are based only on their surrounding reality. But this reality possesses the most amazing property to transform itself so that it puts you in the most uncomfortable position and pushes you to change. Until life shook me really hard I did not care as well. That is why I do not judge anybody for their preferences to eat whatever they find is working for them. Allow me to share why I stand behind veganism. It is not something I follow blindly or because it is the latest fashionable thing. It is a conscious choice backed by research but most importantly by a hands-on experience.

I use the word “vegan” without much enthusiasm as I do not like categorizations. I do not like to fall under a specific classification created by somebody else. It makes me feel trapped and limits my free-will. I do not eat animal products, but I do eat honey and I still use my old leather boots. Wearing out old leather accessories and shoes does not harm the planet any more than buying new ones made from plastic and rubber.

Having said that I support a 100 percent what veganism stands for – saving the life of the animals and the planet. Everybody knows about the carbon dioxide emissions and how it affects the natural balance. If not, please check Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary “Before the flood”. It shows the sad reality which many politicians prefer to ignore or  do not take seriously enough. At the end of the day we will all suffer from the consequences. I am not going in-depth about the urgency of the matter because there are probably thousands of documented materials on this topic. What interests me is what I can do to make a change. Just imagine if everybody in the world makes the same…

Be the change that you wish to see in the world

Mahatma Gandhi

Everything in creation is based on the law of cause and effect. I never expected that my dietary choices will bring so much improvement in my whole world. But I definitely understand the connection between conscious actions toward saving the lives of other beings and the reaction you receive back from the universe and the nature.



I like karma. I like it because it is fair and coherent. I like it because it is easy to understand. And it gives you options. Whatever happens to you, you know somewhere, somehow you created it.

Stay aware!

Ciao 4 now  ❤