Fruit can take u places

The choice of going after your physical, mental and emotional health nowadays takes courage. Especially in these times of extreme abundance when finding a hungry person is as rare as finding a person without a mobile phone. People are eating like kings. Overeating at breakfast, lunch and dinner. The consequences are obvious and not at all optimistic. Spending money on expensive houses, cars, clothes, gadgets  makes us happy. When it comes to taking care of our own hard-working machines though we prefer not to be bothered. More often than not we choose the cheapest fuel to charge our cells. Self-sabotaging ourselves by constantly being unaware keeps us from realizing that the principle of causation rules all aspects of life including nutrition. We expect high performance results out of low energy sources. Success in life depends on self-esteem, dedication, motivation, execution but none if this matters if we are not following our passion. We should never settle for the mediocre outcome, the easy solution, the comfortable habit. Breaking the unhealthy relationship patterns is critical. One of these being the food addiction. I know it is easier to stand behind socially accepted behaviours than to face the angry, brainwashed crowd. It requires a strong will-power to break the chains but the freedom is worth it.

In my childhood fruit was considered an unwillingly eaten dessert option. Needless to say I never managed to create a connection with it, let alone love it the way I do today. As everything else eating habits are deeply rooted in the way our ancestors viewed food. For centuries depending on the culture it was all about meat, grains, beans and dairy. The only difference is that our predecessors did not bath themselves in the swimming pool of food excess. Unless they were the few wealthy ones. With the time the wrong diets created a weakening of our genes and generation after generation people got sick faster. Looking around I clearly see a catastrophe. Babies born with degenerated cells, young couples having problem conceiving, all kinds of new “diseases” popping left and right. The human nature is so gentle to not hurt our own delicate, innocent  feelings that it makes us blame everything and everybody else for our misfortunes. It is about time to start pointing the finger at us and learn that we shape our lives with our actions.

You reap what you sow.

As simple and logical as that sounds, it is sill hard to connect the dots when it comes to nutrition. The mankind keeps going in circles, not seeing or not wanting to see the truth. We are talking about love but treat our bodies like garbage cans, filling them up with chemically altered, processed and death foods. It is not serious to expect any other outcome but a state of chronic toxicity of the systems and an explosion of symptoms in the most devitalized places of our bodies.

There is so much to be said about the magic of fruit. For me fruit represents love – unconditional, sweet, gentle, giving, energizing. In my life I have always chosen the relationships that give me freedom and allow me to grow. I do not compromise when it comes to my happiness as the stakes are too high. Being down fruit was the only food that brought me up. And believe me I have tried it all in a desperate search to find my way back to “healthville”.

No doubt is the fruit the most perfect food for humans. It is a colorful collector of sunlight and water, it is the gift of the trees to us, it is full of sweet nectar and high vibrations. I will never get tired of praising its miraculous qualities because fruit gave me my life back. It still works its wonders on my physical, mental and emotional bodies. The effects are astonishing and ever progressing. The cleansing of the waste, although not always pleasant, opens your senses and an indescribable satisfaction takes over. More love, more compassion, more awareness, more wisdom, deeper connection to nature. The clouds start to disperse and for the first time you see the truth.



My gratefulness is immense and I dedicate this post to all people searching for the answer of being well. Keep in mind it all starts with the food. Put the right fuel in your car, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride to undiscovered destinations. Because remember – fruit can take you places…

Stay aware!

Ciao 4 now  ❤