The worthless worth of things

Generally I live by the rule “Live and let live”. I try not to judge or criticize other people when their actions do not disturb the whole. I do not care if you drink, take drugs, enhance your body parts: your house, your rules. When it comes to the well-being of the house that we all share though, the future house of my children, I take it personal. Overconsumption and materialism are topics that press me to share my opinion all the time. My passion for the health of the planet is so big that I cannot keep my mouth shut.

What provoked me to write my post today is a video about the “fast fashion”.  A term used for retailers producing cheap garments in such a fast pace that it makes the clothes industry the second largest pollutant after the oil industry. Now, that is scary! So much unnecessary waste just so that we can feel worthy and accepted by other snobs. Yes, I understand clothes are used by many to hide the imperfections of their bodies (another issue that needs a more in-depth analysis). Others increase their wardrobes the moment they get their monthly paycheck – another “meaningful” habit. People buy when they are happy and sad, but almost never out of necessity.

“Fast fashion” like fast food uses the cheapest materials and are most of the times poorly made. They look bad, smell bad and the feeling when you touch them is rough and unpleasant. A higher percentage of the apparel is produced from synthetic fabrics like polyester, acrylic, nylon, rayon, spandex etc. Not only do they look poorly made and wear out after a couple of washes, but they are actually bad for your body. By draping one of those textiles around yourself, you suffocate your body by not allowing your skin to breathe. An enormous amount of toxins are expelled through the skin daily, by sweat and gases, and when they get trapped in the fibers the smell cannot be more repulsive. And no, the answer is not in using perfumes.

The bad news is not only regarding the synthetic but also the natural materials. Because of the mass consumption many countries – leaders being India and the US – are now growing genetically modified cotton. So once a natural fiber, now cotton can be considered a man-made one. One more step to hurt the nature by killing the insects so that companies can keep the money-hungry machines working. When are people going to open their eyes, clean the hardened rheum and see the reality. No nature, no us!

So many clothes are being manufactured nowadays that even the poor, third world countries decline to accept the second-hand rags shove to them by their overly satisfied benefactors. Only this simple fact speaks more than a thousand words. Clothes, same as bodies, do not make who you are. Feelings do, gestures do, words do. This is how other people remember you, this is how nature and universe will remember your stay on the planet. It is the energy and the good you leave behind. Your bodies will disappear once your journey ends but all your clothes will keep polluting the environment. Is this what you want to leave your children?

Apparently our politicians cannot do anything against the big corporations and banks as they are being paid by them. It is time for us to take the reins in our hands and start making conscious decisions. It is our planet and if we want a beautiful future we have to work for it. Be strong, resilient and aware to what is happening around you. Internet becomes a place for targeted marketing and the strategies the companies are using are getting more and more seductive. Learn to think twice and question decisions before making them. Do I need this, is it going to make me happier? Or should I just save the money for a next unforgettable trip to a place I’ve never been before. It is worth debating with yourself as you will no longer be manipulated and zombified. Conscious consumers – the fear of every existing business. And your way out of the matrix.

Thankfully a new wave is rising. The movement of the minimalists who refuse to be controlled by the system. The more you own, the more you are owned. The motto “less is better” or “less is more” cannot sound more attractive to people tired of being tired. The less you have, the less you worry. The less you want, the more independent you are. To be inspired just check The Minimalists website and the growing number of youtubers talking about their experiences following this formula of living. Entering this world will make you literally and figuratively richer.


Stay aware!

Ciao 4 now  ❤