Skin makes u blind 4 what’s going on inside

Beauty is only skin deep. Everybody knows the universal meaning of this phrase but let me introduce you to an alternative way to look at it. Having our gentle organ, the skin, covering our bodies hides away the harsh reality of what is happening on the deeper levels. To figure out how the world inside functions we rely on symptoms which are brought forward by the nervous system. A big mistake is to consider a smooth, good-looking skin a sign of health because subcutaneously the picture might be telling another story.

How the body functions is less complicated than doctors are trying to persuade us. The most obvious but disregarded fact is that it operates as a whole unit and everything is interconnected. I have never understood the logic of having medical specialists for every, individual organ of the body. As if it performs on its own, separated from the entire system. And you can surely never heal one part of the body without addressing the network involved. It is easy to be a doctor by prescribing chemical pills for a problem you don’t even understand and most certainly cannot explain to your patient. I learned to ask questions and if the answers don’t satisfy me I will never trust my health with this so-called “professional”. Be more demanding and sceptical when it comes to your well-being; look for the logic and truth in every statement. If somebody studies something for years following the incorrect methodology it will definitely hinder him/her from performing their job impeccably. The situation gets worse when the people who took the Hippocratic Oath become also salesmen of the pharmaceutical products. No matter how disgusting that sounds, I have seen that happening in front of my eyes. How can you trust a science based on false theories and preconceived ideas? Books are only opinions of others and how they see the world. It doesn’t mean they are right. Try to shake the truth out of all this and to confide in real and working facts. Best way is to put them to test yourself.

One of the controversial procedures used by the medical community is to only consider the blood test in determining the state of health of a person. The lymphatic system, which plays the role of the sewer system in the body, is completely neglected. Naturally, this is where most of the issues originate from. Same as blood the lymph is flowing from head to toe.  All the cellular waste is being transported to the lymph nodes, the septic tanks of the system, where bacteria and macrophages digest it and lower its acidity so that it doesn’t burn when passing the bladder. If the lymph nodes are hard and swollen it means the elimination is compromised. Put simply, if kidneys are down the domino effects starts by clogging the lymphatic system and from there affecting first the genetically weakened organs. With the time the stagnation builds up to a point when the whole body suffers. Once the brain and head are endangered you start seeing numerous symptoms including balding, brain fog, ear and eye pressure, dizziness, acne, sinus infections.

It is really quite easy to understand why particular things happen in the body. There are cells and two fluids. The blood feeds the cells, the lymph cleans the cells. It is vital to clean the acidic waste otherwise it backs up and creates inflammation or acidosis. We are initiating an immune response to a condition that we set up ourselves. What we put in our mouth predisposes how our machine is going to work. Proteins destroy the kidneys, the very eliminative organ connected to the lymphatic system. It is obvious taking into account that proteins are acidic. Most of the cellular waste is acidic too – phosphoric, carbonic, uric, lactic. Hydrochloric acid is with a pH of 2. The body can thrive only in a slightly alkaline state which is why the hyper acidic conditions we have created overwhelms the organism and slowly degenerates it causing the very famous nowadays autoimmune “diseases”. It is such an insult to the intelligence of the human body. It will never attack its own cells. It just tries to survive in the horrific condition we have put it in.

To keep the body in a good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.


This topic is huge and needs more clarifications of course. I am not an expert by any means. I am rendering what I have learned as simply as I can and trying to interweave it with my personal experience. Hopefully this will reach the right people and create a wave of more self-awareness and self-education. The most important and optimistic conclusion is that no matter what the symptom and diagnosis, there is only one solution. Opening the doors of elimination – kidneys, skin and colon – and detoxifying the body from all the accumulated, acidic waste. This hydration and regeneration can only be done with our friends: the alkaline fruits and veggies, and the healing herbs. This cleaning process might make the skin look worse for a while; but you cannot build a new, shiny house without destroying the old, smelly, clogged one first.


Stay aware!

Ciao 4 now  ❤