Conscious conceiving

The act of conceiving a child is divine. A man and a woman create the first cell which is then going to consciously multiply and form the body for a new soul coming to this world. The process is so natural that we just let it go its own way without stopping for a second to admire its perfection. Every atom follows the invisible blueprints of the universal laws of creation. Every cell performs exquisitely its role in this magnificent masterpiece. The awareness of the cells is so high that they recognize the genetic weaknesses of the parents and imprint them in the cell memory of the fetus. Nothing goes unnoticed and for everything there is a logical reason. Mutations and degenerations exist in the newborn babies and the explanation for that is simple; it is karma-driven.

Cosmic laws are fair. The fact that we don’t see the prime cause makes it impossible for us to interpret the result. This misunderstanding leads us blaming the supernatural for all our predicaments. It is good to understand once and for all that our past and present actions determine our future. It is time to start being responsible and correct the original draft that doesn’t suit our desires.

Becoming a parent is a serious and responsible step in everybody’s life. Many have reduced this important decision to the level of gratification of the physical passion. Others embark on this beautiful journey for all the wrongs reasons; pressed by the parents and society, keep the marriage alive, receive child benefits, keep up with friends having children etc. The sanctity of the whole process, from conceiving, through maternity to becoming a parent, has lost its meaning to a big part of the population. May be this is why the number of infertility issues, abortions and babies born with serious complications is staggering. Nature is trying to tell us that something has gone terribly wrong.

Procreation should happen out of love and true desire. And as such it should be a conscious choice following intuition and natural principles. A couple wanting to conceive should take time to prepare spiritually, physically, mentally and on the last place financially for the coming of the new member of the family. One of the most important changes needs to be the diet. Cleaning the body from the acidosis, parasites and toxins is vital if you want to conceive, carry and give birth to a healthy, strong and vibrant baby. This prerequisite is so obvious and logical; but still so many people let it slide. No kid deserves to suffer from the bad food choices of the parents. This new soul is coming to the planet to experience, learn and play, and as mature beings we should be able to at least give him/her a good start in a good body. Genes are hereditary but also regenerable. The mother and the father provide the gene pool; the mother provides the blood and lymph for the growing fetus. A fact which makes the health of the woman a significant requirement to create a new life.

The management of fertility is one of the most important functions of adulthood.

Germaine Greer

So many females, including myself, have problems conceiving. Not surprisingly though as our lifestyles are far from healthy. Cooked, processed and dead foods, soft drinks, alcohol, cigarettes. All of those super acidic and degenerative to the body. How can mother nature allow us to reproduce when the results will be catastrophic. What many women do is immediately visit the infertility centers to be offered the easiest and laziest solution; insemination or in vitro. I started reading and looking for the truth, as always. I wanted answers and most of all I wanted to be able to take responsibility. The years of bad nutrition led to ovarian cysts and endometriosis which I am reversing myself. Yes, it might be the longer road but it is my road. I changed my eating habits completely, I am detoxing and I feel amazing. I know I have to go through this for the sake of my own kids, but also to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally on the way.

As per usual I am including a video about Conception and Pregnancy by my “virtual doctor”, whose methods I follow. I have never met Dr. Morse in person but by writing this blog I want to say how thankful am I for his good heart and readiness to help every suffering soul. I hope that for the sake of the future generations we will get more aware and mature, regenerate our beautiful bodies and start reversing our karma.


Stay aware!

Ciao 4 now  ❤