Minimalism – the exit to freedom

The constant cry of Commercialism is to consume more, create new markets and new demands, promote the production of commodities, employ more wage slaves, increase the economic burden.

Hilton Hotema

This s a quote from “Man’s Higher Consciousness” by Hilton Hotema, first published 1952. There were always awaken people seeing through the fake and staged reality we live in. The idea of minimalism is not new by any means as books have been written for centuries regarding this topic. It is sad because we all fall into the trap of wanting and desiring things we don’t actually need to be happy and satisfied. The economic world has developed in a way that makes us slaves without even realizing it. The jobs take our most precious time and for that we receive papers that someone, somewhere gave value to. Now even the paper is gone and what we have is numbers in our bank accounts. Numbers going up and down every month, almost always leaving us with nothing but paid bills and a couple of possessions to keep us motivated. In order to be able to keep up with our material requests and be part of the society, we must recharge the account by working jobs we don’t like more than 160 hours a month. The more desires one has, the more freedom one has to sacrifice.

Economic freedom is the first step back toward man’s high estate of primal Perfection. Every animal, in its native state, has economic freedom. Man is the only economic slave on earth. He has made himself such by his unnatural wants and acquired desires.

Hilton Hotema

It is such a paradox when you think about how people in the developed countries consider themselves free although they are probably the most enslaved of all. My country went through a big transformation moving from communism to democracy. One drastic change involved learning to live with a lot after having only the basic and simple belongings. Yes, the new time brought abundance in every aspect of our lives. There were more products, more services, more food, more shops, more and bigger malls… Together with that people started to become more alienated from each other. There was more materialism and less spirituality. There was more time for work and less time for friends and family. Unfortunately this trend is still going strong as the wrong mentality of consumerism is spreading like a virus. If your neighbour has more, you want more. The fun fact is that nobody is truly happy, nobody is enjoying life.

To be able to see the absurdity of the whole situation you have to stop the process of wanting and be in the moment. Appreciate the small things in life – being with the people you love, playing games, going out in nature, drawing, singing, dancing… As we are still living in a materialistic world it is unrealistic to expect that you can do it without money. That is why the minimalistic approach is the only door to freedom taking into account the existing conditions. Start with consciously analyzing and choosing what you want to create with what you have earned. And if you can live with less save your time instead of money. Learn new things, help people, travel, explore, find your passion. Start slowly to release yourself from the tight grip of the materialistic, brain-washed society. It is not true that buying helps you when you are depressed. It just masks the truth while deep inside the emotions are still alive. The healing comes from within, from getting to know yourself, from realizing that may be this is not the life you want to have. Then change it!


Stay aware!

Ciao 4 now  ❤