The fast result cult

After years of destroying our bodies and centuries of genetic degeneration due to a completely wrong lifestyle we expect to have everything turned around in a day. That is not only gullible, but also illogical and stupid. Furthermore, most people prefer the easy way out of the situation they created: pills, detox kids, vibrating gadgets, body wraps, plastic surgery. A complete diet change is almost always rejected because it involves self-motivation, self-action, perseverance and self-education. People love their cars and houses more than their own bodies which can only be described as ridiculous. Seeing the socially accepted way of eating no doubt we are far from the optimal health and vitality that we as human beings can have. Lack of self-love can be the only explanation of why we spend more money on material belongings instead of our own, beautiful, hard-working “machines” which we use from the day we are born till the day we die. The body is the house that we permanently occupy and yet we rarely take care of it. Below is a quote from Hilton Hotema’s “Man’s Higher Consciousness”, showing how the current nutrition gradually weakens the organs, structures and tissues.

The larger blood vessels lose their elasticity, grow smaller, and become incapable of carrying the required blood amount. The fluids of the body thicken and become putrid, loaded with earthy matter. The skin withers and grows wrinkles and dry. The hair falls out for lack of oil. The teeth decay and drop out. The motor nerves begin to dry up ad the body’s movements become awkward and slow. The senses fail; the circulation of the blood is retarded; it stagnates and congeals in the vessels. More and more the body looses its former powers. Once elastic, healthy, alert, pliable, active and sensitive, it becomes rigid, slow, and insensible. Finally, it dies of old age.

Sadly humans grow older much faster nowadays: MS in 30 years olds, bolding and heart attacks in 20 years olds, diabetes in children, decaying of teeth, wrinkly and corpse-like complexions in young people, bad breath, cancer in babies. There are much more serious changes in the body happening from within than one simple procedure, or a pill, or a ton of make-up can cover and reverse. No amount of death food can create a living and thriving organism. As all in creation is based on physics and chemistry, vibrations and atoms, it is reasonable to conclude that foods with high frequencies will cause more energy once eaten. These are only the raw foods prepared for us by Mother Nature – fruits, veggies and herbs. It doesn’t matter how many people are trying to discredit this obvious fact as it is still going to be the one and only truth. The state of health, physical appearance, and mental and emotional stability of the population is a sure indicator that something is going terribly wrong. Enough said about the destructive powers of meat, diary, and cooked food in general. There are “living” proofs on every corner. Very few humans on earth are strong, energetic and beautiful throughout their whole lives. All others go through more and more frequent stages of indisposition as years go by, almost never experiencing a real thriving moment. A state of reality that can be called survival instead of life.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

Jim Rohn

Raw is the way to go. It is all regulated by us and by our conscious choices. We decide what fuel to use to drive our “cars” and no doctor, dietician or “expert” can do that for us. They are far from healthy as well. Our physical shape – weight, forms, hair, wrinkles – is connected to the state of our internal organs and they are directly affected by our food preferences. After years of falling for the fast and easy solutions offered by different money hungry companies, it is about time to focus on the real deal and create the body and life everybody is dreaming of. This road is bumpy but it is the only one that leads to actual and lasting results. This is the road that will change not only our bodies but the genes that will later create the bodies of our children. It is worth doing it for the souls who will come after us. This is how to make a change on a global scale so when we leave we can say: “we made it better for you”.


Stay aware!

Ciao 4 now  ❤