A bag for 2 – minimalistic travel

Packing your bag for 10 minutes, 15 minutes before you leave. No rush, no wondering, no wasted time. When you own less all the precious moments in your life increase and all the unnecessary steps you usually take disappear. It is so freeing to have your time and laughter not stressing about what things you need for your trip. Truthfully speaking you usually wear just a few favorite items from the closet. Why keeping the rest? And most of all why buying more?

I am sure I was a minimalist all my life not even knowing this term. May be growing in a communist country makes you a person who is able to enjoy the small and simple things in life. It is certainly one of the main ingredients that shaped my personality. Others being my family, my years living abroad and the fact that I was a very aware and intuitive kid from the very beginning. I still remember the 1 hour of no electricity regime in my native country. My family gathered together, lighted a candle, played games, laughed and enjoyed the time we were given. Actually these are moments I will never forget.

I didn’t have a lot of material stuff growing up. Nevertheless my childhood brings only smiles on my face and waves of positive vibes all over my body. What I had was a carefree time with a lot of friends, playing out in the streets from the early morning hours up till midnight. Even as a female teenager in a post-communist country I cherished the intangible more than the tangible. There was a moment two years ago when I received a really good paycheck and I could have almost anything I want. I never went down this road though as I did not have those needs. Even so when we moved to live in a new place, in a new country, I came to realize how much of the stuff I had is also unnecessary. So I cut my belongings even more. And I became even happier…

I believe minimalism is an amazing approach to life and everybody should implement it in their lifestyle. The freedom, the time to actually look around and see the beauty of your surroundings. Your awareness increases immensely. You start loving life, you start loving yourself. You care about the people, the nature,the food you eat, the air you breathe. It sounds like this is the true meaning of why we are here on earth. As one very special woman once said:

What do you need so much money for? You are not going to take it in the grave with you.

-Baba Vanga-

What you will take though is your experience and memories… And the impression you are going to leave on the people who know you and the people you helped. It is all energy and you can use yours to make the world a bit more positive and loving.

Sharing a small travel bag with your partner = less stuff and more love.
Stay aware!

Ciao 4 now 💙

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