Food minimalism

The word awareness encompasses so many aspects in life. Only when you live in the now you can appreciate the beauty and the meaning of all. Why you are here? Why you were born in this particular family, in this particular country and in this particular time. The answer is: to learn the truth and resolve all that you have created in your past and present lives. Yes, I believe in reincarnation … I believe that we are not only physical bodies, but something much bigger and brighter.

If the man can grasp how majestic his soul is, he will kneel down and bow in honour to himself.

~Peter Deunov~

Sadly, we are not living in the now, we are not conscious, we are not awake. I am an observer and this could never escape my attention. People are mostly either in their past or in their future. Remembering, dreaming, over thinking, analyzing, worrying. Not really enjoying the moment and be thankful for simply everything.

I realize that I always write about conscious choices and awareness, but for me this is the foundation of all our beliefs, interests and values. Changing is not easy if you do not work on the foundation, if you do not alter the way you see the world in general. I must admit I was forced to recondition myself because I got sick. A very common reason, I must say. Not feeling comfortable in your own body leads to a very dull, unpleasant and also painful life. I am not going into details about my past indisposition as I already did it in my blog post “Journey to Healthville“. Seven years later I know so much, I’ve been through so much that I feel like a completely different person. Looking back I am grateful for this experience as now at 35 years young I feel better than ever and enjoy the rewards of my dedication and willpower.

The minimalism, and the movement it created, is a very logical result from the overabundance, super materialism and unnecessary  consumerism. All of them didn’t bring any long-term value to people’s lives, thus causing them to feel unhappy and finally looking for the way out. The ever-growing number of fashion and cosmetics ads made me only to downsize my wardrobe considerably and support ethical companies that do care. Now I go for quality over quantity, and oh man, the feeling of worth escalated exponentially to the amount of junk I threw out or I decided not to buy.

On top of that we stopped watching TV, and the only kitchen appliances we have are the ones we actually use daily: a juicer, a hand-blender (the other blender broke but we feel no need to buy I new one), and an oven with two stoves. In the future we will invest in a dehydrator and replace the oven. Only because we want to go raw all the way.

Natural living is living with nature and from nature. This is what I consider a real food minimalism. Everything we need as species is out there. On the trees, bushes and on/in the ground. The higher the food, the higher its vibrations and benefits for us. I was an all-eater and I know what it brings sooner or later: misery. The body needs the right nutrition to be able to perform at its best. There is no way around it. There is only so much crap the body can take until it breaks down. And as a person who was there, my only wish is to help as many beautiful souls as I can to not follow this road. It’s a dead-end.

I didn’t jump right away into the raw food lifestyle as I was distracted by contrasting nutritional advice, promoted by all kind of “experts” and diet coaches. My love for animals and after watching Gary Yorofsky , and movies revealing the horrendous abuse of farm animals, made me a vegan very quickly. But then again, the cooked vegan community was so sick looking that it turned me off. Later I found Lou Corona, Markus Rothkranz, Doug Graham and other raw food promoting authors. I learned new things from every one of them and I started shaping my own beliefs by seeing the results on my body. My all time favorite teacher turned out to be Dr. Robert Morse who heals people with fruits and herbs. I know I mention him a lot; but I just truly love this man. He is the only one to talk about the lymphatic system, the importance of kidney filtration and how fruit is the only food that regenerates the nerves. Everything he says is logical, probably because of his long-term experience, and most importantly it works. I am already a year on a high fruit, 90% raw diet and I am not going back.

Food based on fruits, veggies and herbs: what more minimalistic than that. 😉


Stay aware!

Ciao 4 now  ❤