Autumn-Winter Minimalist Wardrobe

Following my passion for minimalism and my resentment against the fast fashion I decluttered my closet, my home and my mind. I never owned piles of clothes, let alone a separate room dedicated to them, but even the ones I had were too many. There were pieces I rarely wore because they were just not my favorite options. Nevertheless I kept them just in case… don’t you just love this self-deceptive rationalization. Isn’t it just the best reason to keep unnecessary things and suffocating relationships. Just in case one day you change your mind.

The most eye-opening moment for me regarding the need to free myself of the nonessential stuff was when we moved to a new place. At this very instant I took only the belongings I truly love and use. Furthermore, I decided to never again buy anything just because it is cute, or fashionable, or cheap. I stand firmly behind the term “conscious choices” and what it represents. Purchase only out of necessity and invest in quality over quantity. Before spending my money I research the companies and support the ones who use clean, natural and cruelty-free ingredients. I am by no means always perfect in my decisions, but I do my best.

The minimalistic lifestyle is subjective. What one might find minimalistic, might not be minimalistic for another. It is not a competition about who will have less clothes and who can live with less. It is about becoming aware what and how much makes you happy and satisfied. It is also about respecting the choices of the others. I personally do not agree with the methods of the “vegan police” who attack anybody who dares to wear a piece of leather, eat honey or taste meat once in a blue moon. So much violence and negativity cannot change the world for the better. It all comes from within, from the deeper realizations of each individual being. You convert people  by using love and a good example, not hate and constant nagging. I will not throw out the leather boots that I have for 5 years just to prove what a compliant vegan I am. This is why I do not categorize myself as such although I follow a plant-based diet. I prefer keeping my freedom from the man-made classifications and making conscious choices based on my own experience and sensibility. The act of creating more waste on Earth instead of wearing out your old leather apparel doesn’t seem logical to me. Even when you bought it years ago you knew it was made from animal skin… give me a break. Present and future purchases are what matters.

Having said that, below is a picture of my autumn-winter wardrobe. I wear some of the items also in spring and summer time depending on the weather. I am a leggings person so I usually combine a pair with a top, a sweater, a long shirt, a sweat top, a T-shirt. I have jeans, pants, skirts and a dress. And of course a winter jacket, two pairs of boots, two scarfs, two beanies and a pair of gloves. For leisure and sports activities I have a couple of pieces and my favorite kind of shoes – the sneakers.


What I own now is sufficient and makes me happy. I do not feel attached to anything I have and can easily let it go if necessary.

If you want to get inspired and try the taste of dressing with less, you can join Courtney and her Project 333 in a minimalist fashion challenge. It might be a great first step for anybody feeling intrigued by the idea of the fashion minimalism.


A free life cannot acquire many possessions, because this is not easy to do without servility to mobs or monarchs.



Stay aware!


Ciao 4 now  ❤