A trip to Bruges for a romantic injection

Sorry Paris, my heart belongs to Bruges. A picturesque Belgian town with the most magnificent historic city center and on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Our trip took place more than a year ago but I still dream about its medieval architecture, cobbled streets and canals full of beautiful white swans.

When I close my eyes I can hear the clatter of horses hooves and the smell of chocolate coming from the countless chocolatiers offering the world-famous Belgian sweets.


Staying in Bruges for four days was more than enough to absorb all the beauty the town has to offer. We had a direct flight to Brussels and from there we took the train for about an hour. The railway station is just a couple of minutes from the city center which made it quite easy to reach our hotel. Once we crossed the border of the old town we were flabbergasted by the surroundings. It was a real-time fairy-tail.



The first time the name Bruggas appeared in the 9th century and later became an important economic hub for the region. Through the Zwin channel the town connected to the sea thus evolving into a leading port in Europe. Unfortunately from the 15th century on continuous silting made the channel unusable and ended the golden age of the city.


If you want to experience the 15th century atmosphere of medieval Bruges, visit Historium, where you will get lost in the skilfully recreated characteristics of the capital of the County of Flanders. Do not forget to also try the VR Experience as it is worth it.


The beginning of November is a good time to visit Bruges as the weather is still quite pleasant but it is not that crowded. Plus it is the perfect place to get into the Christmas mood. All the chocolate creations and aromas definitely did that for us. We even ended visiting the Chocolate Museum after seeing all other historical churches, monuments and places of interest.

Our¬†restaurant counselor HappyCow, a true lifesaver,¬†even managed to find a suitable¬†place for us to eat. De Bron sounded nice but was closed exactly the week we were there. We ended up eating a lot of potatoes… again. Thankfully we managed to get¬†decent salads as well. Together with the fruit of course that we had throughout the day. I can see now there is another option for vegans @ De Plaats. It is pleasing to see that even in¬†a smaller town¬†people choosing a plant-based diet can enjoy themselves without always stressing about their next meal. I love how the increasing demand¬†for animal-free dishes creates a wave of change all over the world. The future is exciting. ūüôā Especially when you do not have to carry a whole bag full of home-made food.

We love traveling, exploring, getting to know other cultures. We like visiting new places every year and try not to repeat the same place twice. What we know for sure though is that one day we will walk the streets of Bruges again.


Until then we will remember it through the photos and the unforgettable memories.

So thankful for the chance to be your guests, Bruges!


P.S. Having seen In Bruges beforehand inspired us to find the movie locations and follow the steps of Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson which turned out to be quite a fun game.



Stay aware!

Ciao¬†4 now¬† ‚̧