Makeup that survived the cleanup đź’„

My journey towards healthy living reshaped my being completely. On so many levels and in so many aspects. It all started from a simple change in my diet and created an avalanche of new feelings, new beliefs, new understanding of the meaning of life. It is good to know that everything you do has its consequences. What you say about other people (gossiping and criticizing – not good), what you think, what you spend your money on… all this shapes you as a person. It also attracts either the positive or negative energies to your world. I know it sounds like something memorized from an esoteric book, but it is true. Call it “law of attraction”, call it karma, call it “cause and effect”. It is real and powerful. I have been seeing the results from my actions constantly in the last seven years.

During this time I cleaned my world of everything unnecessary. It was a slow process and happened very intuitively. I was entering the so famous nowadays minimal lifestyle without even knowing it has a name, let alone that there is an emerging movement with people going through the same realizations. I decluttered my wardrobe, my kitchen, my cosmetics and makeup. Like many other ladies, I never before had paid attention to what I put on my skin. I never read labels, I never researched the companies, I never cared. I wonder why that is…? Is this because we do not love ourselves enough or is it because we trust that others will protect us and not use harmful ingredients and toxic substances in their products.

You are what you eat, what you breath and what you put on your skin

Dr. Robert Morse

Well, I started investigating and no surprises there, my makeup was packed with all the “goodies”: synthetic chemicals, preservatives, parabens, sulphates, artificial fragrances and colors. It was easier to shift right away to clean cosmetics as there were many options on the market five years ago. I could find even local ones that were natural and good. Finding satisfactory products in the makeup sector was tough. Especially if you live in East Europe. I started replacing my toxic items with mineral makeup and this is how I came across Silk Naturals. They offer cheap and cruelty-free alternatives which completely satisfied my needs. I like their eye shadows and still have a few colours, which are vegan and gluten-free. My favourite lip color is Au Natural from the velvet matte lipstick line. I use it everyday over any other color.

The next company that caught my eye was 100% PURE and up to this day it is my favorite choice. Now that we live in Germany it is even easier to order as they have a German web site. I feel happy knowing that I support companies that care about the nature as much as they care about their customers. As I prefer quality over quantity I am ready to spend more on healthier and cleaner products. Especially when they are fruit-based, cruelty-free, natural. On top of that the company engages in philanthropy thus giving back to the community. This fact is worth a thousand words. I have tried many of the products including shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, and different makeup items and I was always satisfied. It is amazing how beautiful the colors can be using fruit and vegetables pigments.

Other staples in my makeup bag are the lipsticks from Axiology and the eye shadows and pencils from Lily Lolo and Lavera. I do not use any foundation since I started detoxing. I allow my skin to breathe and remove the death cells and stagnated puss out instead of masking my pimples and pretend they are not there.


In the last couple of years the amount of newly established natural companies has increased tremendously. This is a positive sign for the future. More companies protecting the environment, animals and humans; more people employed in the creation of clean production, more people growing organic fruits, vegetables and herbs; more people who are healthy and loving; more people making Conscious Choices.

I you look at most beauty advertisements, you would think that makeup is only for beautiful women in their early twenties.

Isabella Rossellini


A great quote. It’s all about manipulation and money. Sad but true. And that’s why…

Stay aware!

Ciao 4 now  ❤