Iris changes with the help of raw foods

The science of iridology is like no other. We were given the eyes not only to be able to see the beauty of the world outside but also the one inside our bodies. Reading the irises is an extremely precise method that pinpoints the weaknesses and acidity of the body and can be learned by everybody. No man-made machine can get even close to what the eyes can reveal. Plus, it is not invasive thus not causing any harm to the human. All you need is a torch and a phone or a camera to take the photos. A more detailed explanation can be seen here.

There are many books and videos teaching how to read what you see. I personally used the ones from Dr. Morse: Eye Review Part 1, Eye Review Part 2, Introduction to Iridology, Eye Review, Neuro-Lymphatic Points and Eye Review, Eye Review. They are thorough and easy to understand. All that my eyes have shown was backed up by symptoms throughout the years and I was amazed how accurate this technique is. Once you find the reasons why your body is not in the perfect state it is supposed to be, you have to start digging, detoxifying and regenerating. It is not always pleasant and it takes willpower, dedication, faith and strength. Once you see the results though it is so worth it.

I have a more in-depth explanation of iridology in my post: The Truth is in the Iris so I will not repeat myself here. Lately more and more people are experiencing the miracles of this incredible science in combination with the raw food diet. You see where you are weak and you fix yourself!


Below are my iris photos taken in the beginning of 2016 (left) and after exactly one year, in the beginning of 2017 (right). On top is my left eye, on the bottom – my right. The photos are taken using the same camera, the same torch and in the same time of the day. For the accuracy of the results it is important that the conditions are the same. Otherwise the conclusion can be biased.


The changes are amazing and obvious. Especially to the trained eye used to recognize even the smallest details and differences. The deep Radii Solaris, showing genetic weaknesses are much narrower and smaller.( I circled them in different colors so that it is easy to trace them from one year to the next). The yellow color in the iris, showing sub-acute lymphatic constipation and sulphur, is fading. The malabsorption is getting better. The stomach and bowels are getting stronger. The “mountain-like” surface is flattening. Slowly but surely I am clearing the lymph that had turned my eyes green and working towards the blue color. The eye color I was born with!

It took me only one year to reach this deep level regeneration. I once heart that you need 1 year of clean eating to reverse every 10 years of bad eating habits. Who knows…it definitely takes time and commitment. There is a simple formula to follow: alkaline foods (simple carbs coming from nature) – YES, acidic foods (proteins) – NO! Only small amounts of nuts and seeds (again coming from nature) can be consumed but should be avoided during the days of detox and fasting. The best and most healing seeds in my opinion are the sesame seeds which are particularly beneficial in the form of dark tahini. My diet in 2016 was 80% to 90% raw –  fruits and herbs (in the form of tinctures, capsules and teas) throughout the day, salad and something small cooked for dinner. No animal products; no oils, except avocado, nuts and seeds; no white breads and sugar; no yeast. When I cook, I use minimal ingredients and prefer to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible. Who would have known: less cooking, more health and vitality! I never counted my calories and ate when I was hungry. Not a follower of the 30 bananas a day movement or any other movement out there. I follow my intuition and do not care about what anybody thinks or says. You will definitely need that attitude when you start eating in a way so far from the socially accepted “eat-all” diet.

I am so excited by the fact that my eyes are clearly mirroring the stunning results from my persistence and efforts. One more proof of the law of cause and effect. I am the reason for anything that is happening in my world: good or bad. Good thoughts, feelings and deeds; good air, water and food. I am confidently keeping my direction forward and hoping that one day my knowledge and experience will allow me to help others.


And this is how my interest in iridology became my passion in life!

Stay aware!

Ciao 4 now  ❤