Mastering the detox

What you suppress today is your nightmare from hell tomorrow

~Dr. Robert Morse~

This is how I lived my life up to five years ago thinking that I can eat, drink and put anything on my skin without consequences. We are not thought how to take care of our bodies; all of them. Our education is concerned with brainwashing us so that we believe that we have no power to navigate our own journeys to physical, emotional and mental health. It is all in the hands of the chosen ones, the people with the white coats who spend years in university to gain knowledge that is seriously influenced by a few industries that work hand in hand to increase their wealth. Looking back on my years-long, wrong habits I feel so blessed I learned to be aware and separate the truth from the lies and manipulation. It is the most freeing feeling to realize that you are the master of your life and your choices inspire the results that you see later on.

Looking around I see two types of people: the first one never takes charge of their wellbeing and blindly follows the guidance of the trusted academically educated doctors who prescribe tons of medications thus masking the symptoms and not addressing and healing the cause of the problem. This group of “experts” never acknowledges that food is one of the main reasons behind all the so-called  “diseases”. The second one recognises their divinity and sees their bodies as the most amazing self-healing, self-cleansing, self-charging system ever created.

I am not interested in focusing on the mentality of the first group as the results of their choices are quite obvious.  Being the socially accepted norm makes it crystal clear that this sheep-like behavior leads to nothing but a society full of ever-growing physical, emotional and mental challenges. I am fascinated by the second group – the fighters, the doubters, the ones who break the established but defective and dishonest models. I admire the “wackos” who change the world for the better, who lead others with their own example and help the people open their eyes, imagination and intuition. Arnold Ehret, N. W. Walker, Hilton Hotema, Jiddu Krishnamurti, John Tilden, and the ones who inspire me every day Robert MorseDan MacDonald, FullyRawKristina and the sweetest family of Ellen Fisher. The list is endless.

My blog is named Food should be Fruit and I truly believe in that statement. The human is a fruitarian, given his physiological characteristics. Plus s/he is the highest spiritually evolved being on the planet Earth making him/ her suitable for the highest energetic food – the fruit. The food closest to the sun, full of nutrients and the only one that can completely satisfy us without any added spices, flavorings, dressings; let alone cooking. Having said that I also recognise the fact that in today’s world this way of eating is possible for just a few who happen to live in the warmer, tropical or subtropical climates. Following a raw diet is more achievable although also quite challenging in the colder months. Another huge obstacle is the quality of the produce – it is not always ripe, sweet and pleasing. We are left with two options: either move to a warmer country or do our best in the conditions we are in. This is where the detox comes quite handy as it gives us the possibility to cleanse and recharge.


The regenerative detox is only a mono fruit or fruit juice experience which can be done for 10, 20, 40 days depending on the willpower and desire of the person. The water fasting and dry fasting are even stronger experiences but they should be done after raw diet and fruit detox have been mastered. I personally embraced the slow transition from all-eater to high raw-eater. Five years ago I gave up all meats, followed by dairy and later beans, grains and starches. I am not perfect as I am careful to stay balanced and not force myself too much. You should know when to hold them and when to fold them. There is a way to press too much and emotionally and mentally hurt yourself. I do not want that so I keep the raw going until I get a sign from my body to introduce a piece of cooked vegan creation. Trust me with the time these moments are becoming more rare and the body actually feels best with the raw and it craves the raw. Nowadays I am on fruit throughout the day and a big salad at night and I am soooo happy. I never count calories and never overeat in order to make sure I do not starve myself. Actually the less I eat, the more energy I have. This is what happens when the body starts to work more efficiently and manages to digest, absorb and utilize the nutrients to the max.

Detoxification is a natural response of the body when it is given the possibility and energy to cleanse and regenerate from all unnatural lifestyle choices. The detox can be though and full of symptoms on all levels: physical, emotional and mental. That is why we can learn to master it and we should; as these are our bodies. They serve us faithfully although we treat them with such disrespect. They are not garbage cans that we can fill with whatever we want and expect to have clear minds, deep sleep, perfect skin and healthy organism. We are what we eat…so let’s make the best choices possible. Go out in Nature, breathe fresh air, swim, dance, get surrounded by like-minded people, give love and help others, and when the time for a meal has come do not compromise – go alkaline. When you are ready push harder and let your body heal!


Ciao 4 now!  ❤