High-carb low-fat vegan burgers with homemade buns

We almost never eat out because the choices we have are either expensive or not healthy for our standards. The vegan burgers are always salty, oily and the patty is made of soy, seitan or beans. Too heavy and hard to digest. We have also never came upon a healthier choice of burger buns. This is why I will offer you an alternative recipe for a vegan burger in case you are mindful of what you eat and how you feel afterwards.

The buns are made with millet flour, psyllium husk, baking soda, lemon juice, spices and water. Please see my recipe here for Gluten-free, yeast-free vegan millet bread. This is the dough you will need for the burgers as well. The only difference is you will separate it in equally sized balls and roll these out in flat-shaped burger buns. I use a trick for that. Place the ball on a flat surface and press it hard with a heavier wooden cutting board. This technique flattens them quite well and fast. If you use the 500 gr millet flour you will have around 10 buns. Of course it depends on the size you choose them to be. When flatten put them on a tray or on a cooking sheet and never forget to make small holes with a fork. They will bake fast and even. Place in a cold oven, on the lowest level and heat up to 200° C (392° F). When the oven reaches these degrees, lower the temperature to 120° C (248° F). Bake them for 15 minutes. When ready check if they are done by sticking a toothpick. If there is sticky dough on the toothpick, they need more time in the oven. If the toothpick comes out clean, the buns are ready. In my oven they are always ready in 15 min on 120° C (248° F). And voila…

Homemade high-carb low-fat vegan burgers_inside (1)

Have in mind that this dough is not sticky like the gluten ones; it is more crumbly. Cut each bun carefully through the middle and be creative with the fillings.  We love to use baked sweet potato, tomato, pickles, avo, arugula, lettuce leaves, red pepper, purple onion, portobello mushroom, mustard, dried spices etc. The choices are endless. You can make your own spread and use it to cover the buns.

Homemade high-carb low-fat vegan burgers (1)

It is not necessary to completely cut out things you like to eat. You can have them from time to time. Do it in the right and healthier way though.

Always eat your fruit throughout the day to cleanse the pipes 🤗 and do not forget the greens!


Stay aware!

Ciao 4 now  ❤

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