Hello world, my name is Inna and I am writing to you from hipster Berlin ❣ I like everything that brings beauty and positive energy into this world. Creativity inspires me – art, music, dance, photography, architecture, books and most of all Nature. I follow the minimalist way of living and choose quality over quantity, spirituality over materialism and humans over things.

In order to be able to see, feel and recognize the beauty of life though one needs to be physically and emotionally sane. I believe everything starts from the body and what kind of fuel we use to make our machines run smoothly. I believe in conscious choices when it comes to food, cosmetics, make up, clothes and relationships. Being aware, intelligent and demanding when allowing what/who to enter our world makes us sovereigns of our destiny.

With this blog I will share my thoughts, my likes and my passion about well-being and all its derivatives- appreciating life, having compassion for all living creatures, helping others.